Types of Pet Radiology Scan Options in South Jersey

For most people in South Jersey and elsewhere, pets are family, so when they get sick, everything possible is done to make them feel better and prolong their lives. Because of this, you may find that a pet radiology scan is necessary to diagnose the problem without causing any more pain than necessary. These scans are non-invasive, which means that no cuts are required on the pet’s body, making it more comfortable for your animal. There are three main types of radiology scans available, including digital, ultrasound and CT.


A CAT scan or CT, is a special imaging technique that can create a two-dimensional picture of a three-dimensional organ. This type of procedure is painless and doesn’t require invasive needs, though most pets are anesthetized or lightly sedated for the procedure itself. However, sedation is very light because it will only take a few minutes for the scan to complete. Many people consider a CT to be very similar to an x-ray, though it can see organs and not just bones.


An ultrasound is used for many different reasons in South Jersey. Pregnant women can have an ultrasound to check on the baby and pets can also have them for certain illnesses. An ultrasound is a technique that uses high-frequency sound echoes and waves to examine organs, such as the kidneys, spleen, bladder, lymph nodes, liver, heart and glands. Many times, an ultrasound is used to determine how blood is flowing throughout the various organs in question. In most cases, sedation is not necessary, though skittish animals may require a very light sedative.

Ultrasounds can be used to see soft tissue, perform aspirates and biopsies and more.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiology or DR for short, is an x-ray imaging technique that uses digital sensors to replace photographic film, which is the traditional x-ray form. Because of the newer technology, the x-ray is done quicker and more efficiently. It does not require chemical processing to develop the film so that doctors can see it, and allows doctors to enhance the images to see exactly what they need.

Because it doesn’t take as long, DR doesn’t use as much radiation as traditional radiography and allows the specialist or doctor to correctly diagnose and verify treatment in less time. This means your pet is on his or her way to feeling better faster.

A pet radiology scan in South Jersey area can help determine why your furry friend is sick or in pain.


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