Should You Use Dry Van or Flatbed Shipping?

For some products, you already know what kind of trailers you need for shipping. For example, products in cardboard containers are perfect for dry van trucking companies. If you ship large oversized loads like concrete pipes and such, you know you need a flatbed trailer. However, what about the company with materials that could ship either way? Which method is best? Here are some tips to help you decide.

The Importance of Size

Do you have large and heavy items to ship? Are they made from steel or hard materials? These goods may not ship well with dry van trucking companies because it’s easy to damage trailer walls when you load large and heavy things.


Does your shipment include many small items or a few large ones? If you have many small things, you would have to take a lot of time and effort to properly secure them on a flatbed trailer. On the other hand, one or two large items will load easier on a flatbed than a van type trailer.


Flatbed trailers are exposed to the elements. If you ship on a flatbed, you’ll need to protect your goods if they’re moisture sensitive. When you use dry van trucking companies, this is not an issue.

Loading and Unloading

Standard loading methods work well for either load. However, if you need a crane, then flatbed trailers are the best option.

The Importance of Freight Brokers

Whether you use dry van trucking companies or flatbed services, a freight broker can help. They find you the best rates and help you with freight management services. For example, your broker has experience with flatbeds and can help you with permits and things like escort vehicles for very large loads. They also understand LTL shipping and can get you some of the lowest LTL rates in the business.


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