How to Compare Your Telephone Operator with A Virtual Receptionist Service

When you compare how your current telephone system operates within your organization, with a computerized virtual receptionist service, you will quickly see how the benefits of both will improve your response times and enhance your customer’s interaction with your company.

How Alike Are They?

At the beginning of the call, the caller requires information to clarify that they have contacted the correct establishment and expect to be provided with clear instructions on how to continue. This works in the same way via a telephone operator or a virtual receptionist service.

The required skill of a telephone operator and a virtual receptionist service is for active listening. The system needs to give a great deal of attention to what people are saying, whether they are receiving internal and external calls.

Both are required to understand the points being made by the caller and not to interrupt during this process.

The caller is directed immediately to the correct person and department that will be able to satisfy the caller’s requirements, whether this is a warehouse, a healthcare facility or a legal firm.

Complex problems may require solving when a caller contacts your organization. Instead of relaying all this information to the individual answering the telephone, the caller will quickly know that they are going to give this information to the individual that can deal with it and they will not need to repeat their request, in detail.

Both systems will require a consistent level of monitoring so that the performance standards required can be met for both quality and effectiveness.

The system, human or computerized, will need to be extensively trained to be able to understand the caller’s request and redirects the caller to the specific location that will solve the caller’s problems or difficulties. The caller only wants to be able to speak to the correct individual, by telling their story just once, and having their problems solved immediately.


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