Get a Reliable Residential Roofing Solution From an Experienced Roofer in Franklin, TN

The typical residential roof is a combination of water-resistant materials designed to keep out rain, ice, and snow. Unfortunately, some products that are available do not live up to those expectations. Even worse, there are some roofing contractors that have little concern for the quality of the work they perform. For instance, an inept roofing contractor may install shingles using only three nails per sheet, and this not only voids the warranty, but it can also damage the portion of the material used to secure the shingle. A strong wind could quickly grab these loosely anchored shingles and rip them free from the roof. This happens because asphalt products have very little rigidity. Low tensile strength and weak rigidity mean the shingle can easily rip or tear when excessive force is applied. This is one reason a Roofer in Franklin TN will recommend a more durable roof covering.

There are several materials that can be used to cover a pitched roof, and the most common of these is the composite asphalt shingle. However, there are a variety of shingle products to choose from, and this can make the selection process confusing. For instance, a budget-conscious property owner may prefer the three-tab model because of its lower price. Unfortunately, budget-grade shingles often have a shorter service life than other options and may need to be replaced more often-;sometimes as frequently as seven to ten years after installation. A better option may be one of the thicker composite products such as laminated shingles or architectural versions. These roofing solutions are frequently recommended by a reliable Roofer in Franklin TN because of their durability and long-term warranties.

Another excellent material for residential roofing solutions is formed steel, sometimes referred to as stamped steel. Steel has a number of benefits including exceptional strength and a very long service life. Formed steel comes in various styles and colors. In fact, stamped steel can be shaped to resemble almost any other roofing solution include tiles, cedar shakes, and asphalt shingles. Plus, formed steel is well protected from the harshest weather nature can produce. Some steel products are protected with a galvanized shell made of zinc and aluminum while others have a coating of polymer-based paint. Discover more information on the websites of professional roofers like


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