FAQs About A Boat Insurance Policy

In Ohio, boat owners purchase insurance to cover their watercraft and any liabilities these vessels could present them. The policies aren’t mandatory in the state; however, they could provide owners with adequate coverage if an accident happened. A local agent can answer questions about a Boat Insurance Policy to help owners choose the right policy.

What Boats are Covered Under the Policy?

Typically, the policy covers pontoons, yachts, fishing boats, and most leisure crafts. It doesn’t cover non-motorized vessels such as kayaks and canoes. The policies don’t cover personal watercrafts; however, these watercrafts could be covered under property insurance.

What are the Standard Concepts Covered?

The boat owner receives coverage for collision damage, property damage liabilities, and bodily injuries. Select policies may also provide coverage for personal property that is stored on the boat. This could also include fishing tackle and rods if the vessel is a fishing boat.

What Happens When the Policyholder Files a Claim?

Typically, the claims adjuster will require estimates for property damage and the full cost of medical expenses related to any injuries sustained. The adjuster requires information about an accident, theft, or any criminal act such as vandalism or arson.

What Should Owners Consider When Buying a Policy?

The owner should consider the total value of the boat and items that will be stored or used on the boat. The way in which the owner uses the boat and how often they use the boat should also be considered. Any history of boating under the influence could also affect the level of coverage required.

Who is Covered by the Policy?

Typically, the policy covers the boat owner and their passengers, and it may cover the occupants of another boat if the policyholder was at fault. The policies don’t provide coverage for any passengers who are outside the boat when an accident occurs.

In Ohio, boat owners purchase insurance to protect their property and reduce common liabilities. The insurance policies provide the owner with coverage in the event that an accident happens. Boat owners who need answers about a Boat Insurance Policy can visit schlatherinsurance.com to obtain a free quote today.


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