Facts About Metal Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX

The days of unreliable and old-fashioned shingle roofs are coming to an end. What most people want now is a tried and true metal roof. There are many reasons why this is so. Here are some facts about metal Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX that show why it is America’s top choice.

  • There are many different metals which can be used when it comes to roofing. These metals include galvanized steel, Galvalume steel (which is steel coated with zinc and aluminum), copper, pure aluminum, and even stainless steel, among others.
  • Steel is the most used metal in roofing, mainly due to its low cost. However, aluminum is a close second due to the fact it lasts much longer than steel and only costs a fraction of the price of more expensive metals such as copper and zinc. It is also well-loved in coastal areas because it is resistant to salt corrosion from sea spray.
  • In most situations, it is actually possible to install the metal roof directly over the old roof. This eliminates the potentially high cost of tearing out all of the shingles. Of course, consult with a professional company that specializes in metal Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX beforehand.
  • Metal roofs can be installed very easily in the winter, which is a huge benefit over other roofing materials which can be a hassle to deal with in harsh winters.
  • For the ultimate in speedy installation, many homeowners choose to install metal shingles versus standing seam metal roofing. Metal shingles also cost about 20% less on average than their standing seam cousins.
  • Installation of metal roofing can be more expensive than other materials upfront because it requires special training to do. However, the money that is saved in the long run more than makes up for the initial investment.
  • For those that want metal but don’t like the “look” of it, the metal can actually be manufactured to resemble cedar shake, clay, slate, and even old-fashioned asphalt shingles if one so chooses.

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