Etiquette Tips for Children’s Yoga Classes

Now that you have graduated from your training and are an official yoga instructor, you should know a few of the etiquette tips to teach the parents of the kids that come to your children’s yoga classes. Yes, even in yoga there are etiquette rules that need to be followed. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top etiquette tips to teach the parents of your yoga kids.

What to Wear and Bring with Them
Stress to the parents that the yoga outfit they choose for their little princess doesn’t have to come from the most expensive kids shop in town. The point is to wear clothes that they are comfortable in and allow the kids to move freely during the many poses required. The only thing the parents really need to bring is their children and most other stuff is provided by most studios.

No Shoes
Shoes should be a no-no in your yoga studio for sure. Make sure that you have a designated area for your student’s shoes and be sure that you tell the parents where they need to leave them when their kids get to the studio.

Turn Off the Mobile Phones
A big part of children’s yoga classes is being together and group effort. Ask the parents of your yoga children to turn off their cell phones while the kids are in class. It’s distracting to you as the teacher and to the children when are trying to learn the positions and have fun doing it.

These are just a few of the etiquette tips you should learn and impart to your parents when you are a yoga instructor for children. For more information, contact the professionals today for help.


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