Dress Up Your Desserts With Cake Sprinkles

Who doesn’t love sprinkles? These tiny little bits of confectionery are sweet and colorful, adding the perfect dash of rainbow colors, a slight crunch and in the case of chocolate sprinkles, some extra flavor. However, if you are under the impression that sprinkles only come in rainbow colors or chocolate, then you have not even scratched the surface! There are so many types of cake sprinkles out there, giving you the opportunity to dress up your cupcakes and more for any occasion.

Real Chocolate Sprinkles

If the only chocolate sprinkles you have had were bought at grocery stores, then you have been missing out! Those sprinkles were most likely only flavored with chocolate. At a cake supply store, you can get sprinkles that are made using real chocolate. This will provide an explosion of delicious flavor that will take your cakes and other desserts to a whole new level.

Seasonal Cake Sprinkles

Sprinkles are exciting because they can be made in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Switching out the type of sprinkles you use on your desserts depending on what time of year it is, will give a lot of interesting variety. In the springtime, decorate your cupcakes and other desserts with pastel-colored sprinkles in the shape of rods, or of butterflies, Easter eggs, baby ducklings and other springy items! Of course, for St. Patrick’s Day, you can celebrate with shamrock sprinkles. In the summer, when Memorial Day and Independence Day are coming up, use some patriotic red, white and blue sprinkles shaped like tiny stars. In the fall, using autumn and Halloween sprinkles is a must. Usher in the Christmas season with some festive themed sprinkles and turn your desserts into romantic treats perfect for giving to sweethearts at Valentine’s Day.


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