A Car Accident Lawyer in Houston Can Get the Financial Settlement You Need

Texas has a modified comparative negligence rule on which they base a personal injury claim if the case goes to trial. If someone has been injured and is partially at fault for the accident, it will affect the amount of money they receive for compensation. An example would be if the victim is 20% responsible for the accident and they were awarded $100,000, it would be reduced to $80,000, which is a reduction of their percentage of being at fault. Insurance companies will often attempt to do everything possible to blame a victim for their injuries and reduce their liability. If the victim is 50% responsible or more, they will not receive any compensation for their injuries. This is why it’s so important to hire an experienced car accident lawyer in Houston.

Texas has a two-year statute of limitations for filing a civil lawsuit for a personal injury claim. A claim against a government entity in Texas must be filed within six months of an accident. The time limit starts on the day of the accident and expires exactly two years later. If the case isn’t filed within the first two years, a court will not hear the case and the opportunity to receive compensation will be forfeited. After an accident, it’s highly recommended that a victim speaks with a car accident lawyer in Houston as soon as they are able to

The insurance company will need information about the injuries a victim received. A victim should focus on healing and allow the lawyer to provide the insurance company with the information. The insurance company will use anything the victim says against them in the future if the case goes to court. An attorney will protect the victim’s rights.

There are a variety of laws that surround personal injury claims for automobile accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and many other types of injuries. Ramsey Law Firm has been successfully representing people in the Houston area who have been victims of someone else’s negligence. They don’t charge a fee unless they receive a settlement for a victim. Visit the website to find out more about their outstanding reputation and service.


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