The Story Behind the Brown Basketweave Duty Gear

Brown basketweave duty gear has been an iconic belt that is both popular with the people in service as well as with ordinary citizens. Not only because of its looks but also because it is both durable and functional. The basketweave design makes it more flexible while at the same time exponentially strengthening the belt. Original basketweave gear is made from authentic leather and are extremely popular with the police force, CIA, and NBI agents.

What Sets a Basketweave Duty Gear Apart?

Normally a police officer would carry more than just a badge and a gun. They also needs to carry with them handcuffs, extra ammo, pepper spray, or a less lethal munition like a taser, baton, multi-purpose tool, nightstick and a two-way radio. All of this stuff is jam-packed on an officer’s belt. Now an ordinary leather belt would not be able to hold them steady in case an officer needs to run, hide for cover, or jump through fences and stuff. This is where the duty gear comes into play.

The duty gear is more or less two inches thicker than an ordinary belt. It does not fit the loops found on ordinary pants and that is why they are worn on top of the pants. They provide better durability and are suitable for carrying heavier loads than an ordinary belt. The common colors used by the police force are either black or brown.

Why the Basketweave?

There is no specific reason why servicemen or police officers prefer the basketweave over other patterns, except for the fact that it looks good. Perhaps they also believe that the basketweave pattern helps provide a better grip for the holsters. The pattern, however, is purely a personal preference and is not a mandatory requirement.

How is Basketweave Duty Gear Made?

Nowadays, it is a hard to find a duty gear that is actually woven. What you can see on a black or dark brown basketweave duty gear today is actually a pattern stamped on the leather. However, whether stamped on or actually woven, the appearance is just as gorgeous as either one of them.


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