Planning To Add A Room To Your House

Many homeowners find themselves facing a dilemma, they need more space but lack the money or the will to move. The first thing that enters their mind is adding space by adding a room. Adding on to a kitchen, building an extension to house your office, or adding another bathroom will give you the space you need without leaving the neighborhood that you have come to love.

There are a few preliminary steps to take before you start looking for a contractor that specializes in room additions in San Antonio.

   * Property lines:

Get a copy of your lot plan and begin by adding the location of your house, the current landscaping, and the underground utilities. This is necessary because local building regulations will have strict rules on how close you can build to the property lines.

   * Develop an initial plan:

Many remodeling contractors provide a design service, or you can engage an architect to help design an addition that compliments your home. Room additions in San Antonio should not only be useful, but they should also add to rather than detract from the exterior look of the house.

   * Create the working plans:

The last step before hiring a contractor is finalizing the materials and deciding on the scope of the work that will be done. As you work through cost estimates, unless you have an unlimited budget, you will probably have to make compromises. This is when you decide what you can live without vs. that which is necessary.

   * Hire the contractor:

Get bids from three or four well known and reputable remodeling contractors. If you have yet to develop the working plans, now is the time to get the contractor’s design team involved. If you have developed detailed plans, you will get a far better idea of the cost and the talents of the contractors because all of them will be using plans that you furnish.

Professional remodeling contractors will have built numerous room additions in San Antonio, ask your candidates to take you to see work they have done and arrange to speak to the homeowner about their experience.

If you are running out of space and considering room additions in San Antonio, you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.


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