How to Make a Pair of Simple Voile Curtains

Voile curtains add a touch of breezy movement and soft sunlight to any room. Simple to make and easy to care for, they’re an excellent choice for when you want a fully-customized window dressing – or one that’s easy to change on a moment’s notice.

How to Make your Curtains

Your first step will be to measure the window that you wish to dress. This will help you determine the numbers for the following steps. After measuring:

  • Estimate the amount of fabric you’ll need. If you’d like to add a double-fold hem, add an addition four to eight inches of fabric to the overall length. The deeper the hem you’d like, the more fabric you should add. Also add an additional amount at the top of the fabric’s length, equal to the diameter of your chosen curtain rod plus an addition half to three-quarters of an inch.
  • When measuring the width of fabric or your voile curtains, keep in mind that you’ll want a lot of fullness to compensate for the sheerness innate to voile. Multiply your window’s actual width by two to three times to allow for this, plus any side hemming you’d like to create.
  • Cut the measured fabric straight up the middle to create two curtain panels.
  • Fold over your top casing through which the curtain rod will be fed. Iron lightly to keep in place, then sew with a straight stitch. Repeat on the second panel.
  • Place your curtains onto their rod and allow to hang for twenty-four hours before applying a bottom hem.

Where to Buy Your Supplies

Voile fabric can be purchased from any craft or fabric supplier, as well as from retailers of wholesale fabrics and event décor. Be sure to purchase an adequate amount plus some extra, as you may just find a beautiful use for this versatile fabric somewhere else in your home.


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