Find out More about Pet Vaccinations, Choose an Animal Hospital in Chicago

A vaccine is a product that triggers the immune system to respond and prepare the body to fight infection and disease. Pet vaccinations stimulate your pet’s immune system so that it produces antibodies that destroy any disease-causing organisms when they enter the body. Chicago residents should find an appropriate veterinarian or animal hospital to administer the vaccine. Most experts believe that vaccines can prevent disease and death in millions of animals each year, so it’s important to consider them when the veterinarian recommends them.

Is it Guaranteed?

Pet vaccinations can be effective in future disease prevention, but it doesn’t always work. In rare cases, your vaccinated pet may not have enough immunity to the disease to fight it adequately. While they may get sick, it may not be for as long or as severe as without the vaccine. It’s essential that you follow the vaccine schedule you and your vet work out to ensure that they are as protected as possible.

Are there Risks Involved?

The short answer is yes; any medical treatment can involve risks and side effects. However, you and your veterinarian can discuss any dangers before vaccination. If the benefits outweigh the risks, it is a good chance that your pet should get the vaccine. Most side effects are short-term and mild. They can include bruising and discoloration, as well as others.

How Many are Necessary?

Puppies and kittens usually require multiple vaccines because they’re more susceptible to contracting infectious diseases. They may need numerous vaccines, spaced about three weeks apart.

Pet vaccinations can protect your furry friend from a variety of severe diseases and illnesses. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Chicago at to learn more about their services and programs. Follow us on twitter.


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