Why There Is a Growing Demand for Solar Screens in Katy, TX

Millions of house hunters buy homes in sunny Texas cities to enjoy the state’s warm climate and outdoor lifestyle. However, all that light pouring into homes can increase energy bills, create glare, and even damage furniture. That is why solar screens in Katy TX are popular. Homeowners also install the screens because they are available in various colors that add interest and value to properties.

How Solar Screens Work

Solar screens are made from sturdy, weather-resistant polyester. They are darker than conventional screening and can be ordered in a variety of shades. Professionally installed, high-quality Solar Screens in Katy TX can block out as much as 90% of the sun’s rays. However, homeowners can order products that offer varying degrees of protection. Some screens are permanent while others are removable. For the best looking results, screens should be custom fitted by expert installers.

Solar Screens Increase Home Comfort

Clients who want cooler, more comfortable homes often check out Lonestarglass.com and arrange for expert solar screen installation. Technicians can provide screens that will lower inside temperatures as much as 15 degrees. Screening reduces glare, which makes it easier to watch TV or work on computers during the day. Like any other screens, solar products keep pests out but have the added advantage of increasing privacy.

Screens Are Excellent Investments

Homeowners also install solar screening in order to increase home values and to save money. Custom screens can be color coordinated to match home decor, so they increase curb appeal. They filter out damaging rays that can fade furniture, carpeting, and artwork. Since they keep homes cool, screens also reduce energy bills. Installing solar screens may qualify homeowners for energy tax rebates. They can also help extend the life of air conditioning equipment since blocking the sun’s rays reduces the load on A/C units.

Solar screens that help keep homes cool are becoming popular in warm weather areas. Homeowners also install the screening because it can add a decorator touch that increases curb appeal. In addition, adding solar screens will reduce glare in rooms and can save textiles and other valuable belongings from sun damage.


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