Why Some Patients Might Prefer Implant-supported Dentures in Fort Collins, CO

A time may come in the life of a person when he or she loses some permanent teeth or all of them. At such times, the person has the option to do nothing about it or going to a dentist to talk about dental implants, partials, or dentures. Of the three latter options, dental implants are the most expensive. If the individual does not have the money to invest in implants, or if he or she simply prefers dentures or partials, there are many dentists available to provide them. A dentist that offers dentures in Fort Collins CO explains the benefits of going with dentures or partials.

The major benefit of getting dentures is the cost. Dentures are by far the most viable option for those who do not have the funds to cover the expensive dental implants. A lot of insurance plans will not cover dental implants, thus the patient must choose a more affordable option, namely dentures or partials. Another reason dentures are preferred is that some people actually prefer to be able to take their teeth out and let their mouth rest.

However, for those whose insurance will cover the cost, there is the innovative implant-supported denture. In this way, the patient gets the best of both options. The flexibility to remove the teeth when necessary and the security of the dental implant to hold the denture in. The implant-supported denture enhances the wearer’s ability to chew and speak better. The wearer’s confidence is strengthened by wearing the teeth that will not cause embarrassment by slipping out.

Ulibarri Family Dentistry has been providing dental solutions to patients in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the surrounding areas for many years. In addition to providing dentures for patients, other dental services include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. General dentistry includes, but is not limited to, teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, and root canal therapy. Examples of cosmetic dentistry include veneers, tooth whitening, dental implants, and dentures. If a patient is looking for a dentist that offers Dentures in Fort Collins CO, the dentistry is available. For more information, check out Dentistoffortcollins.com.


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