Tips For Ordering A Custom Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

For many types of equipment and machinery Original Equipment Manufacturers, working with a cylinder company will be important to develop prototype hydraulic cylinders or to order production of set runs of the cylinders.

With existing equipment, it is often easier to order a custom made single acting hydraulic cylinder rather than trying to track down the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and they find the part.

When ordering any type of custom single or double acting hydraulic cylinder, it will be essential to know exactly what you want and need. There are also some important considerations to maximize the life cycle and the performance of the cylinder that needs to be addressed before you place the order.

Customer Support

A key consideration is to find a company that manufactures custom made single acting hydraulic cylinder designs, and that also offers in-house engineers and designers that have the expertise to configure the cylinder to meet the load requirements, the size and the extension required for the cylinder.
Companies that have been in business for a significant amount of time are always the best option. These companies have a proven record of quality cylinders that are built to customer specifications as well as to last.

Size and Design Choices

The construction of the cylinder will also be important as it will have an impact on the cylinder capacity. As a general rule, tie rod cylinders are used for light to low-medium types of load requirements while welded cylinders will be a must for the mid to high-end load requirements.

However, the specific application, as well as the location where the cylinder will be installed, will also be a factor to consider before ordering. As a welded single acting hydraulic cylinder will not have the tie rods down the outside of the cylinder barrel, they are often a better option in tight applications where there is limited cylinder space.


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