Tips For Obtaining Government Grants In MN

If you are a small or a large nonprofit agency, you may be able to apply for a variety of federal and state government grants. In MN, as in other states, many of these grants go without being awarded year after year, often because of incomplete or inaccurate applications.

The key in obtaining these grants is to write a top grant application. There are attorneys and grant writers to assist. Involving these professionals can be very helpful if no one in the organization has experience in successful grant application writing.

Start Early

Within the grant information, you will find details specific for the unique grant. This will provide the scope of the use of the funds from the grant as well as other factors that will be considered when reviewing applications. A very important factor to consider is the deadline for application for government grants. Missing the deadline means your grant will not be considered.

The application process is often lengthy, so start well in advance. Take the time to research the information and write an application that is geared specifically for the specific grant and not general in the information provided.

Add Details

The panel or reviewers looking at the applications for government grants will match your proposal or your solutions to the problem or issue that the grant is designed to address.

Be sure to add supporting evidence and details where necessary. While it is acceptable to use some anecdotal information, back claims up with data and specifics from reputable sources. It will be critical to be very specific about the budget and proposed use of the grant funds.

Check Everything Twice

Make sure the application is complete and correct. Verify all data is accurate, including all information about your MN charity or nonprofit. Also, verify that the correct format is used to submit the application, mistakes like this will cause the grant application to be rejected, leaving your organization without funding until the next cycle.


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