Things to Consider Before Buying Night Guards For Kids

Teeth grinding can damage a person’s teeth, but when it’s a child that’s grinding their teeth, there isn’t a firm consensus on the best course of action. One potential solution is night guards for kids, but it’s a good idea to speak with a dentist about the pros and cons before purchasing one of these night guards.

Potential Benefits

Wearing a night guard makes it so a child can’t grind their teeth, as the guard prevents the surface of the top teeth from touching the bottom teeth. This means that there won’t be any permanent damage to the teeth from grinding. For the best results, it’s a good idea to get a custom-made night guard from the dentist which will guarantee the proper fit and make it more comfortable for the child to wear at night. This will make it more likely the child will actually wear this dental appliance.

Potential Considerations

There are a few issues that make it less clear whether night guards for kids are the right way to go. First, their teeth are constantly changing, making it so that they will need to get new guards often in different sizes or they won’t be comfortable. The over-the-counter night guards don’t typically fit as well as custom-made ones, but they are more affordable. The poor fit could cause the child’s mouth to get sores, however. Another potential consideration is the fact that these night guards can collect bacteria and cause an increase in cavities if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Potential Alternatives

Sometimes teeth grinding is due to stress. If this is the case, it may be possible to minimize grinding by taking steps to limit the child’s stress level, such as making the environment more calming, encouraging exercise and planning ahead. In other cases, the grinding can be due to the teeth not fitting comfortably together during the current stage of growth. If this is the case, the child is likely to outgrow their teeth grinding as their teeth develop further. It’s common for this habit to stop by the age of 12.

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