Steps in Designing Custom LEDs

There are many different reasons why an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) would opt for custom LED lights for panels of or specific individual indicators on devices, equipment, systems, and machinery.

Customization offers a wide selection of different shapes, sizes and options in custom LEDs for panels and instrumentation. This can be very important in specific lighting conditions or when there may be a constant low light or high ambient lighting in places where the LEDs will be in use.

The Process

The process for developing custom LEDs will be similar to any prototype development, at least with a top company. As a good rule of operation, get the LED company involved in the design process in the early stages. This will allow your design team and in-house engineers to work with their professionals, developing the panel or lighting system that is more efficient and effective.

From the design discussion, which should focus on your needs and requirements, the company will then develop a concept. This is often done in collaboration with your in-house team, resulting in a streamlining of this process with fewer modifications and corrections.

A prototype will then be developed if there isn’t a LED light option already available. This will include the mount type you require, allowing you to effectively determine if any modifications need to be completed before moving into production. With this process, the exact configuration required is developed, providing you with the panels or individual lights that are ideally suited for your equipment.

The Benefits

By choosing custom LEDs rather than trying to accommodate for standard LEDs, your equipment or device can have additional features and functionality over the competition. You can also enhance your marketing ability and address gaps or areas of weakness in current production on the market by having more efficient lighting indicators as part of the overall design.


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