Professional Teeth Whitening From a Dentist in Lumberton, TX

Many people do not have teeth as white as they would like. There are two options to addressing the whiteness of your teeth. You can use an over-the-counter treatment or you can go to a dentist. You should avoid over-the-counter treatments. They are largely ineffective; even when they do work, they take a long time. Your best option is to go to a professional who will provide you with a professional solution.

In-Office Treatments

In-office teeth whitening procedures are those that take place when you actually visit a dentist in Lumberton, TX. An in-office treatment usually takes three steps. First, the professional will clean your teeth. Then, he or she will apply a tooth whitening gel. That gel is typically made from some kind of hydrogen peroxide formula. After the gel, a light is used to activate it.

After a few minutes, the Lumberton dentist will remove the gel. Your teeth should be a few shades whiter after that. In most cases, it only takes one procedure to whiten your teeth several shades. If it does not get your teeth as white as you would like, the procedure can be repeated.

Home Treatments

You can buy professional home treatment services that will successfully whiten your teeth. A dentist can recommend which treatment will work best for you. Typically, they take a little bit longer than the in-office treatments. Most of them involve applying a similar gel to your teeth using a tooth tray.

At-home and in-office treatments sometimes cause pain in those who have sensitivities. Hydrogen peroxide is not particularly abrasive but some still find it uncomfortable. In order to avoid that, you should speak with your dental professional about your concerns. He or she will be able to design a treatment that works better for you. That often involves a less-concentrated solution that you use for longer.


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