Not All Anthony Liftgate Dealers in Fresno CA Are the Same

Lift gates are a good business investment in Fresno CA if you transport materials for a living. For example, your drivers can deliver goods just about anywhere, because they don’t need to back up to standard docks. Also, it helps to avoid injuries from lifting and loading. When you buy a lift gate for your commercial truck, consider Anthony Liftgate dealers. Some of these dealers offer many services and products for your business. Here are some of the good things you can receive.

Alternate Fuel Systems

As fuel prices continue to escalate, miles per gallon becomes more important. When you choose the right Anthony Liftgate dealers in Fresno CA, they can modify your truck, so it runs on LNG or CNG fuel. This can save you a lot of money on fuel each year.

Custom Built Truck Bodies

Why not match your new lift gate with the perfect truck body. The dealer can install custom aluminum diamond plate floors for maximum traction. Whether you use a box truck or flatbed, custom truck bodies make it easier on your employees and customers.

Camera Systems

Backing up a large truck is not easy, and many of the new models have backup cameras. However, if your truck doesn’t have this important feature, it’s not hard to install one. Your lift gate service also installs school bus video systems and DVD recorders. Maybe you are interested in night vision cameras? This is not a problem for a professional truck body service.

Lift Gates

The best Anthony Liftgate dealers also have other name brand lift gates like Maxon and Tommy to give you exactly what you need. For example, does your Fresno CA business use a cargo van or pickup truck? No matter what kind of truck you use, they’ll install the perfect lift gate.


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