Learn About The Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Care in Indianapolis IN

Cosmetic dental care in Indianapolis IN offers different treatment options to help people overcome the areas of their smile they are not happy with. Out of all of the options available, teeth whitening has quickly become the most popular. This procedure is one of the least expensive options for cosmetic procedures and does not require any invasion to the tooth or gum tissues. Today’s whitening treatments offer benefits to the health of a person’s teeth, often being infused with calcium and fluoride. Once a person has their teeth whitened, their other minor cosmetic concerns seem to fade away.

Teeth whitening is carried out under strict care to ensure irritation is kept to a minimum. The teeth are treated with a special solution that has the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. This intense whitener can be absorbed deep into the dentin where the majority of stains become trapped. With each treatment, stains are bubbled away and the teeth become whiter and brighter than ever before.

Through several treatments, the dentist can help his patient to achieve the desired shade of whitening so a beautiful smile can be unveiled. Since most patients will need more than one treatment, these are scheduled spaced apart, so the teeth have time to recover between treatments. This waiting period helps to prevent the increased sensitivity many patients felt when teeth whitening treatments first became popular.

To help keep a patient’s smile as white as possible between whitening treatments, the dentist will often give a patient an at-home protocol to use. This may include a special toothpaste and a whitening rinse. The patient can also help prevent stains from occurring by practicing good oral care habits and avoiding smoking and certain types of beverages like red wine.

The whitening results a dentist is able to achieve can last up to two years if the patient follows the protocol and takes care of their teeth. For more information on Cosmetic Dental Care in Indianapolis IN, Browse our website. With teeth whitening treatments, a person can overcome their staining so they can have the beautiful smile they have been longing for. Call today and schedule a consultation appointment.


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