Installing a Quality Shingle Roof in Honolulu: Get the Job Done Right

There is no substitute for quality in the roofing industry, and quality means more than using the best shingle roof product. Substandard installation can be the primary cause of many of the roof problems that property owners may experience. Getting the job right requires a combination of expertise and experience in a roofing contractor matched with the right products for the job.

Use an Experienced Roofing Company

Experience ranks high on the list of characteristics that make a good shingle roof installer and it is an indicator of a roofing company’s knowledge and dependability. Look for an installer with above-average experience in operating under a single business name. Some dedicated phone work on a property owner’s part can identify the local average of years of experience in shingle roof installation. If a local roofer with at least ten years of experience can’t be found, look in surrounding areas.

Homeowner’s insurance claims often subject an owner to the sometimes complicated and intimidating processes established by insurance companies. Fortunately, a quality roofing company will be experienced with claims processes and can help guide an owner through the steps as a liaison between the owner and insurance company. M & R Roofing is one roofing company that has the experience and will use it to maximize an insurance company’s coverage.

Quality Comes with a Guarantee

Some roofing companies merely pass on the product warranty offered by a shingle roof manufacturer while offering minimal warranty coverage on their workmanship and labor. A roofing contractor that goes beyond the minimum to offer guaranteed workmanship on any shingled roof in Honolulu demonstrates a commitment to get the job done right. Keep in mind that a manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t offer coverage for labor and any roofing product is only as good as the roofer that installs it.


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