How to Tell Whether It is Time for a Re Roof in Hitchcock TX

If you are getting worried about the coming winter, it is most likely because your roof is not in a good condition. Poorly maintained roofs may be leaky during the rainy days, a situation that can greatly affect your mind, finances and home environment. It is sometimes inevitable to perform a Re Roof in Hitchcock TX to improve the condition of your roof in anticipation of the winter and summer.

Is it the right time to re-roof?

You may not always tell when is the right time to just repair the damaged part of your roof or replace the entire roof. This is especially true if you do not carry out regular inspections. Most roofing contractors recommend that you inspect your roof two times in one year. Inspection of the roof should begin from the inner part of the house before you inspect the external area of the roof. This will help you to know if it is really the right time to Re Roof in Hitchcock TX.

What to look out for when inspecting the interior of your roof

  • Sagging roof deck: This clearly indicates that the roof is in a bad condition. A sagging roof deck may also proof that your house has had several instances of water damage, and the only solution is hiring experienced roofers to perform a re-roof.
  • Dark trail and spots: A stained attic on the inner section of your house indicates that your roof has been leaking for a long time.
  • Water leaking or water damage: You may notice water damage in your attic’s insulation, along the walls and on the ceiling. Here, you will need to consult qualified roofers to Re Roof in Hitchcock TX.

Signs to expect when performing an exterior roof inspection

  • Rot, mold and moisture
  • Shingle granules that look like dark sand crystals in the gutter
  • Wear around vents, pipes, chimneys or other penetrations
  • Bald, torn, cracked or even missing shingles

When looking for the right roofers for your leaking or poorly kept roof, it is essential to choose them wisely. You should know that it is not every roofer you come across can competently Re Roof in Hitchcock TX. Look for roofers who have for many years improved homes through proper roof installation, repair and replacement. Visit the website: to for more details.



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