How Military Families Acquire Shipping Services In Fort Myers, FL

In Florida, military families face sudden moving requirements with a new duty assignment. These orders don’t provide them with adequate time to manage their requirements always. For this reason, local moving companies provide shipping services in Fort Myers FL for these families today.

Scheduling Moving Services

The first step is to contact the preferred moving company and explain the requirements for the move. The movers presents details about the process and all associated costs. This includes scheduling a time for the movers to arrive at the property and discussing arrangements for all deliveries. Local moving companies understand the necessary turnaround time for these assignments and work with the families.

Acquiring Packaging Services

Shipping options come with complete packaging services. The moving company arrives with adequate supplies including crates. They package all belongings into boxes and place them on sturdy pallets. All boxes are wrapped in high grade plastic to prevent damage and to hold them securely on the pallets. All furnishings are wrapped and crated to ensure safe delivery to the next duty station.

Storage As Needed

Families that need storage until their new residence is ready may acquire these options as well. The moving companies provide storage units and warehousing for these families. The units are spacious and climate controlled. They don’t present any risks to the family’s belongings including damage and theft. All units are secured adequately and monitored. This gives military families peace of mind.

Scheduling the Shipping to the New Duty Station

Once their new home is ready, the family contacts their movers and schedules their delivery. The movers work with the family to determine the most appropriate delivery date. The shippers unload the transport trucks and place the family’s belongings into the new residence for them quickly and safely.

In Florida, military families need to move quickly when they receive new orders. These orders could require them to move in under a week and before their next home is ready. Local movers understand the stress involved in sudden moves and provide a smooth transition for these families. Military families that need Shipping Services in Fort Myers FL should visit for more information today.


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