Homeowners Can Trust a Landscaping Service in Fairfield, Connecticut to Create a Dream Yard

Homeowners want their yard to be a peaceful oasis they can enjoy after a stressful day. It takes time and skill to create a lush green lawn, plant colorful flower gardens, and install fountains and swimming pools. People often turn to a Landscaping Service in Fairfield Connecticut to create the outdoor space of their dreams. A landscape designer will meet with the homeowner to determine their priorities for the space. A gardener may insist on a sunny spot for roses while a pet lover wants a safe space for the dog to play. Often spaces must achieve multiple goals.

The Landscaping Service in Fairfield Connecticut will design a blueprint for the yard. It will include the location of grass, flowers, and trees. Paved walkways can provide a safe and convenient access to all areas of the yard. Seating areas can be placed so that people can enjoy their yard, read, and visit with friends. Water features such as fountains and pools provide serenity and places to exercise. Contact Northeast Horticultural Services for more information and help.

There are also utilities such as a sprinkler or electrical system that may be needed. Automatic watering saves the homeowner time and often uses less water than manual watering. It can be timed to water the lawn before dawn, when there is less evaporation. Homeowners often want to install exterior lighting. This both showcases specimen trees and provides security. In addition to lighting, electrical power may be needed for outdoor kitchens and hot tubs.

Once the homeowner approves the landscape plan, the Landscaping Service in Fairfield Connecticut will install it. The sprinkler and electrical systems will be installed first. Then any topographical grading will be done. If retaining walls are needed, they will be put in place at this time. Once the hardscape is complete, the landscapers will turn their attention to sod, flowers, and trees. The landscaping company will also provide the homeowner with a maintenance plan. Often homeowners enjoy mowing their lawn or tending their flowers. They may decide to have professionals prune tall trees or do the fall cleanup.

Northeast Horticultural Services is one of the landscaping companies in Fairfield that provide these services. Click here to learn more about their company.


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