Deciding When to Replace Your Windshield

A car windshield plays a vital role when the car is in operation. This structure helps keep debris, bugs, and other material in the outdoor air from hitting car passengers. This car glass in Saint Paul, MN also helps keep passengers in a car during a wreck. It’s an integral part of the car’s structure. When a car windshield is damaged in any way, it’s essential to have it repaired or replaced promptly. The following guidelines can be used to choose between these two actions.

Before deciding whether to repair or replace a windshield, the car glass in Saint Paul, MN should be thoroughly examined by an experienced technician. A window installer usually has guidelines to follow when deciding how to fix a windshield. Talk to the technician to garner information about the criteria they is using to make a decision. It’s important for a window installer to be communicative when performing an inspection of a windshield.

Cost is a major factor in deciding which course of action to take. A new windshield can cost a few hundred dollars, not including labor. A crack or chip can usually be repaired for $50 to $65. Car owners should talk to their insurance companies before making this choice. An insurance company may opt to simply replace a windshield.
There is always a possibility that a repaired windshield can become more defective. If glass damaged part of the car, the insurance company would have to cover more repairs. Also, some states have requirements for installing windshields, and damage that has reached a certain point may not be fixable.

The size and depth of the damage will be a big consideration as well. A crack longer than six inches will usually entail a windshield replacement. Different types of cracks affect the integrity of the glass to varying degrees. A ding can usually be repaired. However, a star break will typically require a windshield replacement. For more information on car glass repair services, please visit the website of Harmon AutoGlass. This company can handle most types of car windows, and works diligently to meet the unique needs of each customer.


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