Be Proud of Your Yard with Lawn Mowing In Spokane

Many homeowners enjoy having a beautiful, lush lawn. However, it can be difficult for people to take the time to give the care their lawn needs. This can often lead to thin, brown, or dying lawns. Fortunately, there are companies that can provide various services and Lawn Mowing in Spokane to help every homeowner with their yard. This can allow a person to enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained yard without compromising other obligations.

Spring lawn care

In the spring, the lawn begins a new growing season. At this time of year, there are specific steps a person must take to ensure their lawn grows healthy and strong throughout the year. There are companies that can provide lawn aeration in the early spring to allow the grass to grow well. Specially formulated fertilizer can help give the grass a healthy start and prevent weeds from growing. They can even start up the sprinkler system for the season.

Late spring/summer lawn care

During the late spring and summer months, regular lawn mowing in Spokane is necessary to keep grass at a comfortable length and prevent overgrowth. In addition, specially formulated fertilizer can be applied to maintain proper grass growth. Lawn care services can also provide weed removal and trimming services at this time of year to keep the lawn looking lush, green, and beautiful.

Fall lawn care

At this time of year, the growing season is beginning to wind down. Mowing may still be necessary for some time, but there are other steps to take to prepare the lawn for the winter months. Leaf removal is necessary this time of year as well as the fall fertilization to provide grass with the nutrients it needs to get through the winter. In addition, winterization of sprinkler systems can be done.

By having these various treatments done at the right times throughout the year, a homeowner can be assured that their lawn will stay healthy and green year after year. There are various services and options available to provide personalized care for each and every yard. Visit Spokane Pro Care for more information about these and other lawn maintenance services.


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